The First Killzone 3 Trailer Is A Real Kick In The Face

Celebrating the relaunch of the official Killzone website, Sony delivers the first trailer for Killzone 3, showing off the game's brutal new melee system. Looks painful!

Michael McWhertor got his hands on Killzone 3's new melee attack system last month, and wasn't particularly impressed. Perhaps if Sony had shown him this rendered trailer, with its bone-crunching, slow-motion strikes he would have felt better about the whole thing. Or maybe just the trailer.

Sony drops this trailer on us in celebration of the relaunch of, now your one-stop shop for all things Killzone 3 related.

Developer Guerrilla Games promises that the first gameplay trailer is right around the corner. Considering E3 2010 is just a few weeks away, expect to see it by then, if not sooner.

Presenting The First Killzone 3 Trailer [PlayStation Blog Europe]


    You get a ... boot to the head.

    I remember Duke Nukem 3D had the mighty foot.

    Sony you are just not making any sense any more.

    That video looks awesome, but it looks a little gears of war-ish.

    What's with the CQC? They doing a Killzone/MGS crossover?

    Big Mistake, there should not be so much sweat when the guy is wearing helmet and mask

      but he stole the helmet and mask from the other guy an put it on his own head? and plus it was pretty hot :P looked like a lot of fire there too. Hot sweaty fire stuff.

    who's that? and judging by that, it looks like behind enemy lines helghast gameplay?

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