The First Video Game To Appear On The Cover Of Fangoria Magazine

Fangoria, the magazine that has been servicing horror fans the world over for over 30 years, has never had a video game on its cover. Until now.

Yes, it's hard to believe that for all the Resident Evils and Silent Hills and even Alone in the Darks of the world, no game has ever been horrific enough - or at least gory enough - to warrant a shot on the cover.

The game breaking this drought will be Namco Bandai's upcoming Splatterhouse remake, and while it may not look to be the greatest game of 2010, this piece by comics artist Dave Wilkins does a great job of covering the game's two key draws: biceps and blood.

SplatterHouse Fangoria Cover [DeviantArt, thanks John!]


    Blood and gore... oh how far has the horror genre come!?

    That looks awesome!

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