The Halo: Reach Techno Music Was Intentional

Watch the E3 live gamplay footage of Halo: Reach and, 67 seconds in, you might hear.... is that techno music? That's part of the game's soundtrack? Why, yes it is!

While the Halo series is known for having music that is so sweeping and lovely that you could set your wedding to it, it doesn't usually sound so peppy and techno as it did at E3 last week. The first land battle the game's developers at Bungie Studios showed the press included a lot of shooting set to more of an electric, techno soundtrack than I - and maybe you? - expected. Bungie's Brian Jarrard told Kotaku yesterday that, no, that was not the influence of some meddling Microsoft person gone amuck. That is actually a composition by long-time Halo composer Martin O'Donnell, who did all of the music in the clip in this post.

"We were all a little bit surprised when we heard it for the first time," Jarrard said yesterday as I re-experienced the music while he played the E3 demo level in front of me. But it's the real deal.

Unexpected, yes, but it's growing on me already.

And who is to fault O'Donnell for experimenting? Last year, he tried more of a jazzy soundtrack during the nighttime sections of Halo 3: ODST. Good for him not doing the same old, same old.


    He is seriously fantastic! It will be interesting if he does some work on future Halo releases with 343 Industries aswell as with Bungie's future works.

    Halo won't be the same without Bungie, but also without O'Donnell.

    The thing is though, he has never done the same thing with any of the Halo releases. Each soundtrack differs from the last.

    And even when he did take a bigger gamble with ODST it turned out to be the best gaming soundtrack of last year! I have complete faith in him.

    For obvious reasons I was excited the most about multiplayer upon the release of Halo 3 - but it was also the story. The end of the main trilogy story and what's gonna happen!

    Reach for me, is purely the combat and online. We know what happens just not exactly HOWs. The end of Halo 3 is also upsetting with Bungie leaving the franchise, I can't imagine anyone doing the continuation of that epic cliff hanger justice EXCEPT for Bungie, even if 343 does has former employees.

    But I hate people who play out the demos in videos like these! THERE IS A RELOAD BUTTON FOR A REASON!!!!

    Jay, you should really give the books a read if you're interested to find out what happens in the battle of Reach as well. The Fall of Reach is an amazing piece of sci fi literature.

      yeah i have read TFOR a few times its really good
      theres only 2 Halo novels i havent read...


    I see a new elite armour ability. looks like armour lock bit after or before half way, just before they go inside.He's a bit obscured by the pod but you can see it.

    Watched it again, it's armour lock. Last elite they kill before they go outside.

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