The Joy Of Gaming Knows No Age

Found on Flickr.



    That guy's wearing his watch on the wrong wrist :P

      He might be a leftie

    I don't play bingo, so I'd appreciate them staying out of my video games.

    Oh, they're playing a Wii?

    Never mind.

    Saw an old couple checking out PC games at EBGames; either for their grandchildren or for themselves. I say old gamers are win. :D The more people playing games of any kind, the better! :O

    Plus I assume that the older generations wouldn't be all into the pirating scene, so they'll generate actual monies for game companies!

    I recently busted my 4 year old playing mariokart with his 77 year old grandfather who is riddled with arthritis. I hadn't seen him get that much into a game since the 80s.
    Even though the Wii tends to be the joke of the gaming community, it really is a console that is able to reach to all age ranges.

    Good on them. I think it's great that videogames are being embraced by other generation.
    I reckon the Wii is the 'gateway drug' to get more people gaming.

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