The Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Takes Disneyland

Over at Disneyland forum MiceChat, member AcmePunched created a keyblade weapon from Square Enix's Disney franchise Kingdom Hearts. That's no big deal. What she did, however, is.

AcmePunched took the Keyblade to Disneyland and had an array of characters pose with it until... "A security guard came up to me and asked about the key," she writes. "I assured him it was just cardboard and foam, but he asked me about 'the story behind it'."

She told him that tit was something from a Disney video game. "He then proceeded to tell me that 'due to its size' it wasn't allowed inside the park, and that I needed to take it apart and keep it in my bag or put it in a locker until I left for the day."

Before she did, she got one last character to mug with blade: Mickey Mouse.

Trip Report Keyblade Adventures at Disneyland [MiceChat Thanks, Paul!]


    This is so excellent. I'm amazed she got so many characters to pose with it before security swooped on her! Awesome.

    I like it KH.

    Security guy: "CODE RED. Someone is having fun. AT DISNEYLAND! HOW DARE THEY!"

      Having fun... for free? Backup is on the way!

        Back up is here, taser's are ready. Fun Freeloader is going down, bravo team out.

    Damn, I was at disneyland two weeks ago!

    Who ever is dressed as goofie has totally played KH!

      I was thinking the exact same thing - Good to see they were happy to play along, until the fun nazis stepped in!

        At least they just told her to clear off, not like that time in the 70s when they set the riot cops on a bunch of hippies.

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