The Last Hours Of One Of Video Games' Greatest Developers

Mike Chrzanowski, who used to work for PC developers Looking Glass, sent us these videos over the weekend that show the final hours of one of the greatest studios this industry has ever seen.

Looking Glass was a PC developer from the 1990s that was not only responsible for such classics as System Shock and Thief, but was also the former place of employ for people like Warren Spector (Deus Ex), Seamus Blackley (one of the key men behind the Xbox), Harvey Smith (Deus Ex 2) and Ken Levine (BioShock).

The studio went bust ten years ago last week, and these videos - which feature interviews with pretty much everyone who was working there on the day it shut down - are a great reminder of not only Looking Glass itself, but of how crazy the business of video games can be, when a studio responsible for some of the best games ever made can just... close, and close in its prime.


    Ten years ago last week? So they folded right when Deus Ex hit was about to hit stores? It's like someone conducted a ritual that required the sacrifice of one of the greatest gaming studios to produce one of the greatest games.

    Whats funny is that hte TTLG forum's are still running to this day. Some people just love them some Thief.

    Looking Glass made my absolute favorite games of all time. They were clever, they were fun, and they were engaging.

    I didn't watch the video clips, I don't want to get depressed <_<

    I want system shock 3... make it now.

      Play Dead Space. It's the closest you are ever going to get. Much of the story and mission structure are taken directly from SS2. Great game, but it'll never be SS3.

      I would kill all of you for a good System Shock 3.

      10 years and I'm still gutted about this. these guys were one of the best development teams in gaming history.

    10 years on, and the industry is still poorer for their passing... ;_;

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