The Man May Have A Point

It's easy for us, as jaded gamers, to dismiss 4mm Games' Def Jam: Rapstar as a Johnny Come Lately. Thing is, the game isn't for us.

And 4mm's CEO Nick Perrett does a good reminding everybody of that in an interview with MCV. Rock Band, Guitar Hero and SingStar may all be on the decline, but is that the fault of the genre, or just the games themselves?

I spent a little time with the game last year at E3, and while the basic formula of the game looks just like SingStar, or Rock Band, or Karaoke Revolution, it's the culture that's going to be important for this game, not its mechanics.

Just like Nintendogs, SingStar and Brain Training were able to reach markets that weren't previously being catered for, Rapstar may do exactly the same thing with the hip hop community, which aside from a few blatant cash-grabs over the years has never really had a game to call its own.



    Yeah not much you can do with Hip Hop seeing as all they can do is just sing, and Singstar got that covered. If it can be done by performed with instruments, I'm sure any of music related games have DLC for it

      You really call that shit singing? I see it as talking over music, and I can do that at any nightclub.

    So if the music genre is in decline and Rapstar's genre doesn't yet exist, then Rapstar is not about music. If it was, it would be in decline.

    Well I guess that seeing as its a rap/hip-hop game you can't really catergorise it as a music game.

    The rap fad of the early 2000s is dead and thank god for that

    What about parappa the rapper? I'd say that falls into hip hop (even if a bit to the side).

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