The Most Pirated Nintendo DS Games Are...

You know it. I know. People pirate Nintendo DS games. It's so bad that Nintendo is spearheading a lawsuit to stop piracy. Yet piracy continues.

According to Japan's Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association, the top title for illegal downloads is Pokémon Platinum with 2,071,006 transfers worth ¥9.5 billion ($US103 million). Following close behind is Pokémon Diamond with 1,862,899 downloads.

Other popular pirated games include Dragon Quest IX with 1,551,085 downloads worth ¥8.8 billion ($US97 million), Mario Party DS with 1,470,231 downloads worth  ¥6.7 billion ($US74 million), New Super Mario Brothers with 1,455,577 downloads worth ¥6.6 billion ($US73 million), Mario Kart with 1,447,781 downloads worth ¥6.6 billion ($US72 million) and Pokémon SoulSilver worth 1,129,469 worth ¥5.2 billion ($US56 million).

The CESA record 19,347,668 downloads for the top 20 DS games. What's the monetary effect? Damages totalling ¥86 billion ($US941 million). No wonder Nintendo is so hot to stop piracy. It's bleeding money from the Kyoto-based game company.

For comparison's sake, PSP title Dissidia has been illegally downloaded over five million times, marking a ("potential" - AU Ed.) loss of over $US300 million. Time for Sony to crackdown harder on PSP piracy?

Pokemon: Platinum Tops Nintendo DS Piracy List [Siliconera]


    I see this all the time on eBay. I was comparing new DS lite costs. And I found some people offering the console and about 20 new full DS games for about $100. But, if you read the fine print you see that the games are in fact all just loaded onto one SDHC card.

    Notice how it's not HG/SS? Sure, you could say platinum has been out for much longer, but i think the combination of the pack-in pokerwalker as well as HG/SS actually being the best pokemon games since... well, G/S/C, means that it's piracy rate will be quite small

      Not to mention the embedded code in the game that makes it incompatible to run on r4 cards/emulators etc. Give the hackers some time and soon enough it pull some numbers.

    Also, good work AU editor, adding the 'potential'. It's been said time and time again, but developers don't seem to get it. A pirated copy does NOT equal a lost sale.

      Don't forget that a pirate download is not necessarily one-time use. 2 million downloads is not 2 million games transferred to a DS or PSP- each of those 2 million can usually be copied at will.

      "Potentially' a lot more revenue lost...

        The opposite is also true. I mean how do they track this, go on to BT sites and look at total downloads? That is counting people who never finished the file, who never got it to work (probably 30-50% going from my experience). I imagine it might even count a person who downloaded a torrent multiple times as multiple people.

      But he missed the "damages" for the NDS only being some pie in the sky potential loss.

      On a side note, The DS has massive piracy and still sells well and (last I heard) Nintendo were quite happy with their sales figures. Yet Sony still claim that the low PSP sales are due to piracy... Maybe some-one should point that out to Sony.

    the amount of downloads =/= lost revenue. If something is free you're a lot more likely to take one/check it out. If it costs something you're far more likely to keep walking.

    game companies are unable to grasp this concept yet insist on endorsing this theory.

    Thank you "AU-Ed" for that intelligent addition!
    I was about to vomit before I read that.

    IT's true. Piracy has "cost" the game, music and film industries more money than exists on Earth.

    If only there was no piracy, according to content industry maths, there'd be thousands of times more dollars PER PERSON on this planet.

    Note: you are supposed to take these claims seriously and not laugh at them.

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