The New Kid Icarus Is Trying To Fix Shooters' 'Creativity Problem'

After two decades, Nintendo is finally creating a new Kid Icarus, this time for the new Nintendo 3DS. Kid Icarus Uprising's designer has even loftier goals for the sequel, targeting "an overriding problem with a lot of game design".

Masahiro Sakurai, the brains behind Super Smash Bros Brawl and the new Kid Icarus, says that too many shooters - Uprising's genre - build on the same template thanks to an increasingly standardised control scheme. Sakurai says this represents a "creativity problem" for developers.

"I've found that, in the established genres, the controls are always the same," Sakurai tells Techland. "For example, in shooting games, you find first-person-shooters utilise all of the buttons on the controller and always do the same thing the stick is for moving, triggers for shooting and they're always trapped in this very restricted framework for gameplay. And that's just not creative.

"It feels like people are taking this empty shell and just swapping out the story and art and whatnot."

Kid Icarus Uprising's control scheme sounds more simplified, using the 3DS's touchscreen, analogue stick (or "slide pad") and the L button for much of the action.

E3 2010: Masahiro Sakurai Makes Kid Icarus Fly Again on the Nintendo 3DS [Techland]


    And all books have to be printed on paper using ink for the text, yet somehow they manage to be different!

    The same could be said for Car-makers. They're just swapping out the interior, design and engine. Is it time to re-invent the wheel?

    I always thought that console shooter controls really evovled into the best they could be.
    I'm not a HUGE FPS player but find contemporary controls comfortable and intuitive.

    Look at the difference between Mass Effect and Half Life 2. Similar control set-up, gameplay and story and look couldn't be more different.

    "Not creative", but it does mean you can pick up a shooter and at least have an idea of how to play it.

    Nintendo needs to stop pretending handhelds are the same as consoles. Oranges and apples.

    Nintendo need to be excluded from the world of gaming, they market devices designed for people with limited skills and brain capacity...which makes their games too easy and mind numbing. I'm not saying Nintendo don't have their merits, but they need to be separated from from the hardcore gamer market. Nintendo choose form over function, limiting them selves to shovel-ware that uses some innovative (but dated) tech which takes the challenge away.

      @ Heath

      You're talking about Nintendo being 'too easy and mind numbing' when discussing the console FPSs?

      Joking right? Console FPS are not more hardcore then any Nintendo game, why people call them hardcore when they are dumbed down versions of PC FPSs (which themselves aren't that complex) is totally beyond me.

      The difference between Nintendo games vs 'hardcore' (which is an oxymoron, since console games are dead easy) is that Nintendo utilises controls that come more natural to most people. I don't dislike simple 'hardcore' games, I think they have their place; but what you are saying is beyond silly in terms of judgement against Nintendo.

      Also, you say Nintendo games should be considered seperately from 'hardcore' ones... Yet here you are ranting about Nintendo games? If you wanted to consider them differently then why wouldn't you start doing it yourself and hence not care to rant on news articles like this?

      Nintendo uses dated technology? Last time I checked their motion control was the most advanced controller on the market, if anything Sony and MS using the same console scheme from 2-3 generations ago are using dated technology. Nor does the shovelware sell. No doubt some people get suckered, but overall the top quality ones or the ones that fulfil people's needs effective will sell the most. People buy Just Dance because it fulfils a need, the customer judges the quality of the game. Either way, that is probably the only true 'badly made' game (by our standards) that has really stood out and made a big sale on the Wii.

      The fact is, Console FPS (Halo) were considered casual when they came out because of how easy and accessible they were... NOW THEY ARE HARDCORE?! LOL


      Nintendo is opening the market, the 'hardcore' market is dying. Hence why Microsoft and Sony want to get out of there ASAP.


        Whoa Nintendo Fan Boy ALERT! Seriously man if you think for one second that console FPS are dumbed down than PC's FPS's your clearly mistaken. Take COD MW2 for example and all the other multi-platform shooters, they are exactly the same. Halo and Killzone being console exclusives don't differ much at all in terms of game mechanic's and control either. They're HD, there M+ rating, they have swearing, blood and all that stuff that appeals to the hardcore gamer which has purchased these sorts of games for decades and ultimately fuels the industry. And don't you dare say that nintendo has done wonders for gamers, as it has only been for themselves. All the top sellers are Wii Fit, Wii Play, Wii Sports and all the sequels. Out of 70 million wii;s sold globally, only 8 million bought zelda Tp and Super smash. Nintendo knows where the money's at and that's their focus. But don't get me wrong they had an impressive line up at E3 with heaps of core games, were any hardcore?, that's debatable as they still are generally kiddish with the exception of zelda and metroid. I'm sure the control mechanic of Donkey Kong country will be d-pad and A face button, not exactly ground breaking, so who's games are being dumbed down now?

        Halo was never considered casual. I do believe you've misinterpreted what the majority of the internet refers a casual game/gamer to be. Sony and microsoft aren't using dated tech as it's more advanced than nintendo's temperamental jittery motion plus which came out years later after the wii's release, mind you. What they are doing is tapping into a market in which they can make money from in their existing console schema, through the use of peripherals. Something nintendo has done quite well, aside from the fact that their CONSOLE, uses DATED tech from 9 years ago, and thus cannot produce the same hardcore HD experience as the other's.

        P.s if this is Tim using a Pseudo name then i'm not surprised, although it would explain some things.

      I don't see why anyone needs to be separated out, there are plenty of games from Nintendo that require far more brain capacity than MW2 or Halo etc.

    I for one am very interested to see what they come up with.

    Vive la revolutione!

    So the solution is to simplify the controls to three? That's not creative either; it's just dumbing it down.

    Pretty sure the 3D is going to come into play with what he said. During the E3 presentation, he stressed the requirement of depth perception in exploring and combat. If they tweak the controls enough and make this 'depth' mechanic work, I think he's onto something.

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