The "New" Link Doesn't Look That New To Us

There's a new Zelda game coming! And while at first glance it appears to be following in the artistic footsteps of its predecessor, Twilight Princess, first glances can be misleading.

You quickly notice that Skyward, while superficially retaining the design style of Twilight, has a cell-shaded sheen, giving it an appearance that sits halfway between the Wii's Zelda title and Wind Waker. Or, as series creator Shigeru Miyamoto would have you know, is in fact inspired by Impressionism, and the works of Paul Cézanne.

It's a sign that Nintendo perhaps regrets going for the dirty, realistic look of Twilight Princess, particularly given that the Wii's hardware wasn't really capable of doing it justice. An even more telling sign, however, can be found in the look of Link himself.

Look at his boots. His tunic. This isn't the Lord of the Rings extra we saw in Twilight. That Link was steeped in practicality, with his leather straps and sewn tunic and intricately-patterned arm guards.

Skyward's Link is a throwback to old Link. His tunic isn't worn, or tattered. It's a bright, clean shade of green! His boots look like something out of Ocarina of Time, and his heavy chainmail and simple adornments hark bark to even earlier games.

While it's a shame we've lost Twilight's Link after only one full game (he was a great example of how to modernise a character without losing sight of its roots), I can see where Nintendo is going with this.

Sykward's Link is almost a statement of intent from Nintendo. As if the company is saying that after years of Nintendo-bashing from its former fanbase, all it takes to wind back the clock is to present us with a Link that looks like he's from a game where you wind back the clock.


    So the "down to earth" Twilight-Link who comes from a grittier world and spends his days tending animals in some remote village has a gritty, earthy appearance. Meanwhile fresh faced Skyward-Link who comes from a floating citadel in the clouds wears a clean untarnished tunic.

    Honestly, kinda makes sense to me.

    I'm surprised more people don't remember this.

    The new Link looks remarkably similar to what he looked like before Wind Waker became "kiddie".

    I don't understand how anyone gets 'impressionism' from this. I just see a style which has potential, but failed in the execution process.

      *though i should say, i respect them for trying something new, but i feel they should have waited another year before showing the game. It just looks lazy

      It's not really impressionistic. It's just cel-shaded.

    Bitch, whine, complain. Fans are never satisfied. The game is going to be fucking awesome- I know it, you know it, we ALL know it. That's enough for me.

    I'm thrilled, wind waker was suburb and this gives me more hope for Skyward Sword after the dismal and uninspired Twilight princess.

    So... what happened to Sword fairy lady? Did they drop a beta status on her? (alpha status is more apt though)

      She's the eponymous Skyward Sword.

    Honestly, the Wind Waker series has been fun, and the Twilight Princess nowhere near as good, but honestly, there hasn't been a totally amazing game since Majora's Mask.

    That said, this game might be the one to return it... nah, it won't. It'll be fun, I think, but what made OoT and MM so amazing was the darkness in the games. The first had you travelling to and from a time where Ganon ruled and evil was everywhere, whereas the second had you having to endure and solve psychological problems of villagers within three days before the most evil moon you've ever seen was going to destroy Termina.

    They were exceptionally dark games, and there's no coincidence that they are some of the most timeless video games of all time and the best in the LoZ series.

    This, though possessing a nice art style and looking a bit nice, looks too bright for me to be as emotionally stimulating as OoT and MM.

    Anyway, just to answer the question of why I didn't like TP when I said I preferred the darker games: I'm not too sure, actually. I think it has something to do with the wolf feature and the Imp character... I just wasn't a fan of either of them. I don't really know, it just didn't do it for me.

    Between this, Donkey Kong Country and all those 3DS games it seems like Nintendo is going to some lengths to win back their former fans!

    I'm very confused, first thing I thought when I saw this is "they are doing and older cell-shaded Link".

    This article is baffling...

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