The New Mortal Kombat Trailer Is Pure Brutality

The trailer for the new Mortal Kombat game shows a true return to form, with 2D battles, tag-team fighting, gory inside-look combos and fatalities so cruel you'll be crossing your legs with sympathy pains.

This is the Mortal Kombat fans have been craving. No complicated 3D camera. No toned-down violence to cater to the teen crowd. Just 1-on-1 fighting with the sort of brutal violence that drew fans to the series in the first place.

I especially like the inside-look combo that occurs towards the end of the trailer, peeling back layers of flesh and muscle to show the impact of hits directly on the bones. It's nasty and satisfying at the same time.

We'll just try not to think about the fact that Kung Lao is now wearing a hat covered in Sub-Zero's testicle blood.


    And now we wait for the OFLC banhammer.


    Awesome! Finally a return to its roots ala street fighter 4.

    And yet the visual style is still rubbish! Perhaps the best thing about the original 2D games, with their rotoscoped characters, was that they had believable physiques. The ninjas, in particular, were lean and lithe. Ever since the first 3D game, they've all had these ridiculous hour-glass physiques, with bulging biceps etc.

    I'm glad the gameplay is going back to its roots, but the art style really needs to follow suit, particularly with competition like Street Fighter VI...

    Um... looks actually kind of... silly. I dunno, it's just the physics looks completely off. Especially that bit at the end where Kung Lao throws his hat into the GROUND and it just sits there spinning while he drags Sub-Zero onto it- that was just plain DUMB.

    This is why I liked the style of that recent MK short film. This sort of 90s style is, well, so KITSCH.

      It's Mortal Kombat, man. Being silly is the point :)

    Kung Lao's hat looked mighty clean at the end there!
    So dumb!
    A return to FORM! I can't wait!!!

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