The New Xbox 360 Won't "Red Ring"

The "Red Ring Of Death", the dreaded symbol of a catastrophic system failure that has become an icon of the Xbox 360's lifetime, will soon be no more, as the new model of the console won't display the error. Updated.

Deciding to take the opportunity for a clean break, Microsoft has not included any red lights in the console, only green ones, so if something goes wrong this time around, you'll get a... green ring of death. Which is surely more calming! red dot of death (see below).

The Red Ring - or RRoD - had become less common in recent years as Microsoft gradually improved the quality of the Xbox 360, but it was still an issue in the general consciousness, so it's understandable the company would want to clean the slate. Let's just hope the new console has the reliability to really put the RRoD to bed.

UPDATE - According to Microsoft's support team, while the console won't display a "red ring" in times of hardware failure, it will still clearly indicate an error by switching its power indicator (the light in the centre of the ring) from green to red. So we'll get a red... dot of death instead. RDoT. It has a certain ring about it, no?

Xbox 360 slim 17% smaller than original, incapable of RROD-ing [Joystiq]


    "you’ll get a… green ring of death. Which is surely more calming"!

    Yeah, I'd be so much more calm seeing green lights rather than red ones when my new 360 shits itself.

      Hang on, won't this get them out of honouring the extended 3 year warranty for RRoD? Because the lights are no longer red.

      Dodgy bastards!

        I highly doubt that 3 yr extended warranty carries over to a complete redesign of the console...

        No it won't get them out because the warranty does not cover "Red Ring of Death" it covers hardware failure, which is signaled by the Red Ring.

          Pretty sure he was kidding... (unless he's just stupid)

    I was going to buy one of these because I would prefer the in built wireless, the quietness and the sleek new image, but $450.... my word. I thought they said it was going to be the same price as current Xbox's? I bought my Elite not too long ago for $350. I will stick with my Elite now and just hope it doesnt die, its been freezing lately.

      Until word of this redesign came through, the rrp of the Elite was $449, so technically they are the same price as the elite was. But, it won't be long before there are bundle deals with the new console, so really, you won't ever have to fork out $450 just for the console. Look how aggressive JB is with getting rid of the old 120gb elites ($249!) I'm sure that aggressiveness will carry over to the new console and they will offer some sort of bundle with games thrown in. And by Christmas, there will be Kinect bundles, no doubt.

        What? The elite was the same price as the elite?

          What? Did you not actually read the comment?

          The Elite's RRP was $449.
          The new Xbox is $450

          The new Xbox is the same price as the elite was.

    Soooo... removing the red light fixes the problem. Awesome.

    Out of sight, out of mind.

      Don't forget the problem was fixed a while ago. New generation Xboxs dont have the same problems the old ones did.

        Really? Do you have proof?

        This was the only thing stopping me from getting one. To have to spend nearly half a grand on something that will die if I use it's primary function too much.

          read: $249 for current elite on sale.

        Dominic that's a lie; even new 360's can be subject to the RROD.

        But this is so typical of M$ - "we cant fix the problem, so let's cover it up" ... so instead of knowing when your 360 has shit itself by a red light, you'll now have to sit there wondering WTF is going on instead. Fun.

        My Jasper red-ringed, so it hasn't been completely stamped out, but all of my mates that have Jaspers haven't had an issue, so I think it has been greatly reduced.

    Haha, out of sight, out of mind then, huh microsoft.

    First thing i thought of when i read the title was that it would explode on you instead.

    lol yeah don't quite think that is the solution we were looking for :P

    Ok...because that's so much better than making sure the console doesn't brick itself...

    The 360 S has the same X Clamp chipset that the older RRoD 360s had.


    Does this mean they'll be just as prone to it?

      Didn't you read the article! They took the red light out! so it doesn't RROD!!


        He's talking about the fact that they haven't changed anything, apart from removing the red lights. Denial much microsoft?

    Surely the better approach would have been to leave the red lights in and just make the damn thing to a higher standard, thereby removing any need for them to light up???

    Everything is alright as long as your tell yourself its alright?

    Great, now we get GRODs. -_-

    Now if your 360 breaks it just catches fire instead. It seems to be FAR more attention grabbing.

    it GRODs

    Ridiculous. Red ring offered considerable diagnostic ability. Hopefully that ability will still be available through the 'green' light.

    t this cause a problem if you have 4 contollers all synced in and turned on?
    it would look like the error rings...

    so now we will be getting GROD instead of T.T

      Gorrilla GROD!! ;-) maybe they'll get superman to solve it this time.

    I like joystiq's misleading title on their related article, making it sound like RROD is totally solved and wont happen with the console :P.
    But Joystiq and misleading article titles go hand in hand.

    So it still gets exactly the same error except with a different colour?

    Do Microsoft also hold public bonfires burning any historical reference to a self-diagnostic system that merely highlighted how unprepared they were, in releasing the hardware in the first place? As well as the 4 years of conspiracy and under-carpet-sweeping...? Haha!

    So they haven't fixed anything, it just won't tell you when it happens? And that is better how?

    ...Luke did you actually READ your post before you put it up here? A green ring of can't possibly be THAT retarded now can you? At least you posted an update when someone told you how stupid you are.

    RDoT? Don't you mean RDoD? (Although RDot does sound better)

    my first 360 red ringed so i sent it back for a new one and they told me the replacemnt warranty was only a a year and a half later i have the dreaded red ring of death again.i wonder how long i'll get out of new one before i get the red dot of death...........

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