The Video Game Alphabet

A is for Apple. B is for Bastard. C is for Carrot, and D is for... DualShock 2?

It is in "consolefont", an alphabet (well, a font to be precise) designed by Dutchman Varun Vachhar, a student at the Royal Academy of Arts. Squint and you'll see that all 26 letters, 10 numbers and three symbols are constructed from the silhouettes of video game controllers, consoles and components.

Yes, the wrong PS3 controller is there. Don't let that spoil the fact he made a "5" out of Game Boy Micros, or an "@" out of what looks like a Pong paddle.

Console Font [Behance, via GameSetWatch]


    Should have gone with the xbox 4 light power ring for o


    Can't achieve rewards regardless of time?

    lol i love that ad

    C should of been for "cake" ;)

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