The Week In Games

No major releases this week, but there's a few things worth checking out.

They're all pretty niche, though. Green Day fans will love Rock Band: Green Day, but nobody else will. Unforgiving 2D platformer fans will love the Mega Man Zero Collection, but nobody else will. Motorbike fans will love SBK X, but nobody else will. Loot fans who don't buy games on Steam will love Torchlight, but nobody else will.

And while I'd like to say the same about Samurai Warriors 3... I honestly don't know who could possibly love it.

Are you picking up anything this week?

New releases for the w/c June 7:

Mega Man Zero Collection (DS) What Is It? A bunch of old Mega Man games previously released on the Game Boy Advance. Should You Care? Great value if you dig old school platforming.

Rock Band: Green Day (360, PS3, Wii) What Is It? It's Rock Band, but with lots of Green Day songs! In terms of presentation, this is more like Guitar Hero: Metallica than The Beatles: Rock Band. Should You Care? It all depends on how many Green Day CDs you own.

SBK X: Superbike World Championship (360, PS3) What Is It? Serious motorcycle racing sim, a rare breed on consoles these days. Should You Care? Superior to SBK 09 and MotoGP 09/10, it's the best of a very small field.

Samurai Warriors 3 (Wii) What Is It? One of those Koei games where you battle hundreds dozens of enemies in some fantastical recreation of an historical war. Should You Care? Only if you can tell the difference between Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi, Bladestorm and that Gundam one. I cannot.

Torchlight (PC) What Is It? Super slick dungeon-crawling, loot-hauling RPG in the vein of Diablo that I must've mentioned more times than Machinarium in this post. But it's finally out this week! Should You Care? It's twenty bucks and has a bunch of extra items you won't find in the downloadable versions.

Still to come in June: LEGO Harry Potter, Naughty Bear, Transformers, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Toy Story 3, Shrek, and Singularity.


    What do you mean Torchlight is finally out this week?
    Hasnt it been out for ages?

    Oh, hold on, you mean an actual retail version?

    But Torchlight is fantastic! Id invested so many hours into the game but, when I rebuilt and reformatted my PC in February I forgot about my game saves.

    Is this a retail release of Torchlight? It's been on Steam for some time.

      As always, the Week In Games only covers retail releases. It mentions Torchlight's digital availability twice.

        But Dave, reading is for those whom don't have an awesome high octane life where constant sexual encounters with multiple partners whilst jumping jet ski's off high buildings that are exploding into marvelous balls of flame...

        Yes... reading only slows you down and all the Rockstar Brand energy drinks they've consumed means any slowing down will cause them to flatline.

          Bah, it was pre Coffee on a Monday, admittedly though, I always jump to the bold on these posts, I wanna know what's out dammit.

          Unfortunately with eno such octane life for me to fall back on here, I'll have to start reading.

    Probably Torchlight for the girlfriend... she loves Diablo and whilst I've told her about this game, she doesn't believe me...

    so just gonna get it anyway...

      Good idea. Nurture the latent gamer inside.

      Torchlight is an absolutely magnificent game.. only only a couple of hours in at the moment, but still it's a blast.

    Finally. Green Day for me. Not so much a Green Day fan as a Rock Band fan though, but for those with either major RB release, you can export the full setlist to the major game for a price (800msp).

    But comparing it to GH: Metallica is a little off IMHO - there are no non-GD songs in this game, not even from any of GD's side projects. And it's based off the same engine as Beatles, including the harmonies. However, there aren't any equivalents to the Beatles dreamscapes.

    For those on X360 and PS3 who are on the fence, there's a demo on the respective marketplaces including two songs.

    For me, the success of Runic Games has been the feel good story of the year. It really warms my heart to see a group of guys I respect so much, emerge with success from such a crappy situation. Hopefully their new owners give this studio the support they deserve.

    Nothing to pick up for me this week - in fact, I can't remember what big name release is next on my list. Pottering through the back catalogue as I go anyway, might as well use all those dollars I already spent!

    Personally i'm selling a few things on ebay so i can buy Transformers War for Cybertron! LOL

    Love these 'This week in Games' posts David.

    They are always sprinked with 'where's wally' humour - you know; you have to look around for it.

    Great work!

    Already have Torchlight on my pile of shame, my pile is so high at the moment. /Cry

    Koei are only good at making decent tactical RPGs for the PS2 that you can never ever find...

    what about tiger woods 11 on the wii

      It's not out 'til July.

    Well no wonder I couldn’t find Torchlight anywhere. This game got a US retail release 2 months ago. I just assumed we got it at the same time. I’ll probably pick this up. Let’s just hope the game has enough content to keep me occupied until some more news about Diablo 3 comes out.

      It's been on Steam for ages! I got it for about $12USD on sale when it was released for Mac a few weeks back.

      Green Day Rock Band for me. I'm one of the very few people who isn't sick of music rhythm games yet. It also helps that I'm a big fan of Green Day.

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