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That pic there is from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, believe it or not. You might say Hideo Kojima has a queer sense of humour.

But Peace Walker isn't just about naked men!

It's about naked girls too!

And Snake in a pink jumpsuit!

Actually, bonkers fanservice aside, it's another quality entry in the Metal Gear series, and one that's more than good enough to stand alongside its console predecessors, despite being a PSP exclusive.

It's also probably the only game worth picking up this week, too. Unless you just love Project Runway, dahling. (I wonder if Kojima does.)

New releases for the w/c June 14:

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood (PSP) What Is It? Looks like a fairly traditional RPG based on the anime series, with a world map, turn-based battles and lots of talking. Should You Care? No idea whether it's any good or not, though.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (PSP) What Is It? Pretty much Metal Gear Solid 5, or so says Hideo Kojima, Peace Walker fills in the story between Snake Eater and Metal Gear, and how Outer Heaven was formed. Should You Care? And if that means something to you, this is your game. As long as you have a PSP.

Project Runway (Wii) What Is It? Based on the TV show, “players will be presented with a range of theme challenges as they create designs and adorn models with hair, make-up, and accessories.” Should You Care? I’d normally say no, but it uses the Wii Balance Board as a catwalk. Genius!

Shrek Forever After (360, PS3, Wii, DS) What Is It? It's a movie tie-in! Woo! I bet it features scenes from the film turned into generic action gameplay. Should You Care? It's the final Shrek film, so this should be the final Shrek game.

Toy Story 3 (360, PS3, PSP, Wii, DS, PC) What Is It? It's a movie tie-in! Woo! I bet it features scenes from the film turned into generic action gameplay. Should You Care? Curiously, the PS3 version supports the Move, even though the Move isn't actually out yet.

World of Outlaws: Sprint Cars (360, PS3) What Is It? Budget-priced racing game. Should You Care? I'd recommend Split/Second instead.


    For the love of God, please take that picture down NOW! *shudder*

      hey nothin wrong with a buff man bod to start off your day

      Now I know why Liquid Snake killed him...

      I just wish he didn't pretend to be him as well..

      It is so bad I'm thinking it should be the new "Ask Me Stuff" post picture!

        Not a bad idea Stone.
        I think a beach volleyball and net should be added on top, recreate the TOPGUN volleyball scene. stink....

    A rather weak week of releases. I may look into FMA: Brotherhood but other than that, nah... I'll stick to playing Split/Second.

    My eyes, they BURNNNNNN!!!!!!!!

      The goggles, they do nothing.

    It looks like a deleted scene from Top Gun, the directors cut.

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