The Week In Games

Hmm. I wonder what the game of the week might be?

I'll just say this once:



New releases for the w/c June 28:

ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead (PC) What Is It? Standalone expansion pack for the super hardcore and really quite extraordinary (when it works!) military sim shooter. Should You Care? If you bought ArmA II, you need this.

Everybody's Tennis (PSP) What Is It? A tennis game of which I know precisely nothing about. Should You Care? Except it is, apparently, for everbody.

LEGO Harry Potter (360, PS3, Wii, DS) What Is It? Super accessible action/adventure that's like all the other LEGO games, except this one's got a wizard instead of a jedi or a superhero. Should You Care? Potter fans will not be able to resist.

Nat Geo Quiz: Wildlife (360, PS3, Wii) What Is It? Exactly what you think it is, a trivia game full of questions about animals and geography. Should You Care? Hey, you might even learn something!

SingStar Chart Hits (PS3, PS2) What Is It? Karaoke game with popular but terrible songs. Should You Care? Oh... you actually like Wolfmother? I'm sorry.

Singularity (360, PS3, PC) What Is It? Sci-fi first-person shooter from Raven Software. Let's you manipulate time in various ways. Should You Care? Never a game of the year contender, but a good, fun shooter nonetheless.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii) What Is It? 3D platformer about a plumber who hunts down every star in the galaxy. Should You Care? Possibly the finest platformer ever made.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 (360, PS3, Wii) What Is It? The eleventh in EA's popular stick and ball series. Should You Care? Golf's about the only sports game I'd rather play with motion control, so get the Wii version.

Coming soon: StarCraft II, Crackdown 2 and, er... Disciples III.


    singularity is out now

      Does anyone know if AU gets the free copy of Prototype with the Xbox version of the game?

        According to the GAME website you get some bonus if you pre-order, but they wont say what it is. I'm guessing us Aussies miss out.

    I have a friend who lives 50m from my work, we hit up the Wii at lunch times and I am really looking forward to playing Mario Galaxy 2!!

    Already been playing SMG 2 for a few weeks now but I might have a look at Singularity.

    The dissapointing thing for me is that I once owned a wii but I could not justify keeping it because there was just not enough quality titles to play on it. I so desperately want to play Mario as I loved the first but I cannot purchase of a wii for one game.

      Maybe your local video store will rent out a Wii console. Lots of video stores used to do it, but I'm not sure whether they still do.

      What do you mean you "could not justify keeping it"? Did you have to go to court to explain to the magistrate why you still had a Wii in your house and they took it away from you? Or do quantum forces only allow you to keep one console in your house at a time and if you try to bring another in, the first one blips out of existence?

    I got Super Mario Galaxy 2 on Friday.

    Everybody listen to the Gooseman and buy it NAOW.

    What’s that? Go get Singstar Chart Hits? long as it has your endorsement.

      or you could just slide scalding rods into your Urethra. Probably be just as enjoyable and produce the same sound.

        Funny you should mention. I saw Wolfmother live when they were the opening act for AC/DC and I was just thinking to myself “this really reminds me of genital mutilation”

    I don't know what else is on the Singstar game, but seriously!! No love for Wolfmother David? For shame.

    P.S. That surname of yours would make a good name for a band.

      Wolfmother - 1st Album = Great to OK

      anything since then = absolute bollocks

        Except for that dancing pizza song, that was awesome.

        "Dancing Pizza! I can't compete-a when you're dancing on Pizza nowwwwwww"


    I still don't understand Mario games - everyone loves them and I am a fan of lots of games but I have never been able to get past the style and simple gameplay - I feel like less of a gamer because try as I might I just can't get into Nintendo games...

      Don't worry, you're not alone. I got over Mario games after the frustrating slop that was Mario Sunshine. I see people playing Mario games as the same as people who get piercing and tattoos; for some reason, they gain satisfaction from the pain. Good for them, but it's not for me.

        *angry eyebrow twitch*

        *caressing Gamecube case*

        It's ok, I still love, Sunshine...

    this could be a very expensive week!

    LEGO Harry Potter & Singstar Chart Hits for the girlfriend and Super Mario Galaxy 2 & Tiger Woods 11 for me!

    David, no love for Tiger Woods with the Move controls when it's patched in later this year?

      It's hard to say when it's not out for another four months.

        I know you mentioned that you personally tried to stay away from the Move/Kinect offerings at E3 to focus on regular games.

        Just with the game getting some dedicated time at the Sony conference, perhaps it was playable on the show floor and you've heard from other journos if it's shaping up well.

    galaxy 2, pfft. my ebay copy of sin and punishment 2 arrives this week. shmup heaven. too bad it will sell 10% of galaxy.

    Definitely will pick up SMG 2.

    Galaxy 2 and thats its. Singularity looks ... eh. I know where im getting SMG 2 from as well :) Hopefully nobody else does.

    Anyone who likes Wolfmother is lazy. Very, very lazy.

      JS. Can u scratch my arse for me ;)

      Just joking of course. Each to their own. I actually love belting out 'Back Round' on Guitar Hero 5 doing a bit of solo gear doing guitar and singing.

    I thought Tiger Woods 10 on Wii was a good idea, then when I played it for a bit I just wished I'd gotten the 360 version. Your body gets tired if you play quickly, and I prefer to just slump into my couch for a round. If I want accurate swing I'll go and play golf.

    the prototype deal is US only

    I'm curious... I loved (absolutely LOVED) Mario Galaxy 1 on the Wii... now I no longer have that Wii, and I'm feeling a great sadness about missing out on Mario Galaxy 2.

    Does anyone who has played the game already know if Mario Galaxy 2 is a SIGNIFICANTLY different game to the original? It's not going to make me go out and buy a new Wii, but I'm just curious... it's been rated SO WELL but looks to me like the same game.. ? Of course I do know that Yoshi's been introduced and Mario has some new powers. But that's it, right? It's not exactly a new Mario story, right? Right? Ha sorry.

    Off my 'Save Wolfmother' campaign.
    Considering my B'day is on the 1st of July, i'd love to think there's a copy of SMG2 under my pillow Thursday morning.

    A fan of Mario games or not. It's hard to deny that SMG1 was/is one of the best 3D platformers (what do we call them now? 2D3D platformers) ever made.

    What's the word on Naughty Bear?
    Go or No?

      ...dude... it's been our for like one or two weeks...

      ..or are you just asking if it's any good?

        Is it good?

    Hey Dave,

    Is there an Australian release date for Darkstar One for 360?

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