The WTF Photo Of E3 2010

Does this picture make sense to you? I can explain it, if you'd like.

You are looking at a scene from Konami's wacky E3 2010 press conference. The two man are game developers who were working here, explaining the new game Never Dead. It's a third-person shooter, a game about a guy with guns who shoots a lot of demons and/or monsters. This guy can be dismembered, but that won't stop him. He can put his body back together. What better way to show this than pretend to have your head knocked off?

No trick photography people!

The Konami man put his head back on his shoulders a second later.


    That's one way to get ahead

      I submitted ten puns into a pun contest hoping one would win.

      No pun in ten did.

      Anyways... that's some pretty smart advertising. Simple and memorable.

    The coat is very stiff. You can see clearly that the 'headless' man is crouching inside the coat, as indicated by the easily visible blue jeans. His head is lowered inside the coat (hence why it looks like he's holding it against the coat).

      REALLY? You think!?

      I don't think they were trying to be incredibly realistic... just a fun joke.

      Really? I thought he was ACTUALLY decapitating himself. Buzz killer.

    This will explain all. . .

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