The WTF Video Of E3 2010

I have been trying to tell you that Konami's press conference was wacky. But if my liveblog didn't convince you....if a photo didn't convince you... then this video will. I guarantee it.

I'm sure the developers of the Konami games you see here were trying well and speak better English than I do Japanese. A for effort guys. And an A for oddness.

(Thanks to everyone who sent it to me... yeah, weird press conference when the Lucha Libre spontaneous slapfest is not one of the oddest things at the event.)


    Konami are too cool to get spokespeople. Hell, they're just too cool for everything. :D

    excuse my language because is the best way to express my self but...


    oh he kinda says million inst5ead of mirrion at around 1.15! Amazing effort, yes.

      Wun Milrion Treeewwwwps

      He almost does lol.

    Oh dude, my goal in life is to now be this... this... extreeeeeme!

    Anyone else notice in Dance Masters, even when the American guy moved away, he was still getting "Perfect!" in-game...

      They said it was Demo footage..

    'if u just press XXX and YYY and XX and YY again you will be sucked.'

    But what about Microsoft's reps? I hated the way they talked and acted on stage, just so fake.

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