There May Be Other Developers In BioShock's Future

The first BioShock game was developed by Irrational Games. The second? 2K Marin. Don't be surprised if the next game in the serires goes somewhere else.

"We think BioShock is still one of the most important franchises in the industry," Take-Two Chairman Strauss Zelnick said in a conference all earlier today. "We do intend to support it; doesn't necessarily have to be at 2K Marin, but we do intend to support the franchise."

That's not outright confirmation that 2K Marin, who are helping 2K's Canberra studio on XCOM, are off the series. But it does raise the prospect of many more BioShock games to come.

Can't say I'm too happy with that. I didn't think the "universe" could really support a second game, let alone an ongoing series of titles, so hopefully 2K can find more creative ways of building on the BioShock world than just piling sequels on top of each other.

Kotaku AU Note: Speaking as someone who at first doubted but then fell in love with BioShock 2, I'd welcome more BioShock games as long as the right developer is on board.

BioShock Could Switch Developers [IGN]


    Editor Fight! :p

    I'm all for more games in this series... I'm sure someone can dig up more secrets within Rapture.

    The only thing that worries me is that it either the second one didn't sell all that great, or Take 2 just made far too many special editions.

    Even now you can still find EB selling the big one for $75, most stores still have the Rapture Edition for ~$65 or so.

    I think the series has potential, but there needs to be evolution of the gameplay.

    One of the moments that made Bioshock 2 special for me SPOILER ALERT was when you took the reigns of a little sister and experienced Rapture as one of it's most integral elements.

    I haven't played through as a killer, but does the way the little sister sees Rapture change if you harvest them all and kill the antagonists? SPOILER END

    What would really sell the series, in my opinion, is an evolution of the morality choices into more than harvest or not, maybe splice or not?

    So far, the protagonists have all spliced to advance, but what if you could complete the game without splicing?


    why is it that both games end with the player reaching the surface, does it really have to end there??
    I loved playing Boishock but you have to ask yourself does the player really need to be stuck miles under the sea... again... it kinda has limitations.

    The second was good, but it tried and failed to imitate the fantasy that the original so beautifully created. If anything, building upon the series just sullies the name. Let it die.

    I actually thought that the second game was going to be on the surface. But that would be dumb because the number one selling point is Rapture. How about they make another System Shock game instead? And by 'make another' I mean 'update the graphics and rerelease the old one' because there are so many people who love the Bioshock series and have never played SS2 and it sickens me.

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