There Will Be No Medal Of Honor Beta This Week, Xbox 360 Owners

Tomorrow, select PS3 and PC owners will begin beta testing the new Medal of Honor. Xbox 360 owners, you're going to have to wait until next week. Sorry!

There's been some kind of hiccup with the 360 version of the beta, and all EA can say is that "it is expected to be available next week". Next week, incidentally (June 21) is when the open beta kicks off, so those VIP customers who were hoping for bragging rights on the 360 are straight outta luck.

To compensate, EA say the beta period will be extended.

[Medal of Honor]


    lol not even available to us in strayla

      It is on steam, I preordered MOH last night and now I have beta and preorder in my library waitig for release, just like with BC2

    say wah!?!??!! i wanna play it NAOWWWWW

    they deserve it for taking all of the cod mw2 map pack for a month

    next week next week next week its always next week i bet the game will be out before beta for 360. everywhere says next week but i dont know about everybody else this is the longest WEEK ever maybe they will get it. Now does my code expire if so how do i get me a new one for when the beta actually is availible but as everyone knows NEXT WEEK so i guess we xbox owners dont get the game in october we get beta disc while everyone else enjoys the game

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