There's A Little Captain In Fable III

The makers of Xbox 360 and PC role-playing game with an emphasis on "touch", Fable III, introduce us to The Captain, "a pretty angry man with a fierce smoking habit and wet boots". Why is his name a mystery? Will E3 reveal more?


    I may be one of the few... but I've loved all the Fable games so far. So I am psyched to see what's awaiting me in Fable 3. As long as they expand on what you can do, how much gear is in the world, the amount of quests and stories to follow I am there will bells on!

    Visually it's looking great too! Loving the look of the scars and tattoos on this dude.

    I am with you on that I think the fable games are great, one of the few franchises where you can lose yourself in, I have found myself needing to turn Fable 2 off but while in that thought another creeps through that 'oh wait I will just do this next thing first, its only small and quick' and an hour later you have finished that and 2 other things thinking that OK maybe its time to turn it off now.

    Some of the new things that are bringing in sound excellent and will really add to the game.

    Can't wait

    He looks awesome! I can't wait for this :D

    And yet I promised myself I wouldn't get hyped :P

    Loved Fable II, can't wait for III.

    Waiting, waiting. Always waiting.

    Ditto here, I remember being so excited for Fable 1 I failed a French test (I think I was in about year 9, and the sad thing is, it didn't even come out that day because it got delayed)... I hate that people judge these games based on what Peter Molyneux says, you just have to play them and become immersed.

    I'm loving the new screenshot as well, the game has such a good art style, which is one of things which is usually overshadowed by "MOLYNEUX SAID IT WOULD HAVE BLAH BLAH BLAH, AND IT DIDN'T."

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