These Aren't (Or Maybe Are) The Force Unleashed II Screens You're Looking For

If you woke up as a clone of a man betrayed and killed, and were in a position to pick up a lightsaber and use it, would you? This guy is.

The Force Unleashed II deftly side-steps the ending of the first game in just this manner, meaning you're now back in (sort of) the same body ready for the same kind of action. Only with slightly better graphics!


    Looks like the exact same body and the exact same action. I'm not going to go through a list of the first games bad points, if you played it you will know them. I'm disappointed that this game doesn't appear to build upon the first at all. Sure there will probably be an extra force power or two, but I was hoping they would open it up a bit more, a little less running down corridors please.

    As for betrayal, I think the worst betrayal is when you try to choose the dark side ending and the character still ends up getting his ass kicked because he tries to be a good guy. What's that, you wanted to be a bad guy? Sorry, not gonna happen.

      Force Unleashed isn't Mass Effect. I think it's only with the KOTOR series that the Dark/Light side thing actually made some sense.

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