These Gun Noises Could Be Great

The upcoming Medal of Honor reboot and Battlefield Bad Company 2 might very well have the best gun noises gaming has ever seen. Err, heard.

According to EA DICE audio director Stefan Strandberg, the studio and fellow studio EALA used almost one hundred microphones over the course of two days. "For two days we had movie guys Jean Paul Fasal and Bryan Watkins there with an 80 microphone set-up," he says, "capturing every weapon sound you can imagine to both computer and analogue tape recorders." They even had people sync-recording in the mountains 5km away

Fasal recently recorded sound for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Watkins recently was the sound effects editor for Invictus.

‘Biggest gun recording attempt' in Medal of Honor [Develop]


    Well i knew the sounds were going to be epic lets hope the game turns out epic and not like cod6

    *Sounds* pretty good :p

    I was hoping there'd be a Youtube video or something however...

    The gun sounds in BFBC2 Already sound pretty epic

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