This Could Be The Beginning Of A Beautiful Mass Effect 2 Cosplay

Holly Conrad wants to be part of a Comic Con documentary. To do so, she and her friends are creating the ultimate Mass Effect 2 cosplay, complete with female Shepard, Tali, the Illusive Man and an animatronic Grunt.

It's almost not fair to cosplayers to call this cosplay. Holly Conrad and friends are several leagues above your average cosplayers, crafting elaborate, movie-quality costumes incorporating animatronic features and life-like sculpted latex. The results, as you can see in this video, are absolutely amazing.

The video features a lot of talking, but if you stay the course you'll see female Shepard, Grunt and Tali's helmet, along with a lovely rendition of "Still Alive".

Holly hopes she can win the Best in Show at this year's Comic Con costume contest. I'd say she has a pretty good chance.

As for this Comic Con documentary she keeps going on about, they'd be idiots not to include her. You hear me, Comic Con documentary makers? Idiots!

Check out Holly's blog for a look at the fascinating creation process. The attention to detail and craftsmanship is inspiring.

Sorcery and Glue [Holly Conrad's Blog - Thanks Miles!]


    Coscraft instead of cosplay?

    Epic costumes.

    That Krogan costume is going to be AWESOME. Cannot wait to see the final product.

    If I was going to make a film of Mass Effect I would hell hire them as the art department

      Agreed. I usually look at Cosplay people and cringe but I'm seriously impressed by that Krogan mask. Got a nagging feeling they have some education/experience in costumes and prosthetics though.

    She has such an inspiring story... and those costumes are amazing.

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