This Game Is iPhone 4 Only

The iPhone 4 has been released. Perhaps you bought one. Perhaps not. But if you did, you should play games on it. No, really. You should.

As previously mentioned, the beefed up iPhone 4 sports better graphics and supports 3D motion gaming. It also has a second camera.

Many games are not able to run on the new iPhone 4, but many have gotten updates to support the iPhone 4: Here are the details via Appolicious and Touch Arcade:

• Enigmo 2: Cleaner graphics • FramVille: Better touch controls • Real Racing: Spruced up graphics, improved frame rate, iPhone 4 motion support • Tiger Woods PGA Tour: Doesn't have full iPhone 4 motion support, but better graphics

The first "exclusive" iPhone 4 dedicated game is Eliminate: Gun Range. The game offers modern weapons for players to test out on a virtual firing range. It takes advantage of the iPhone 4's gyroscope. 3G support is forthcoming, and it is currently iPhone 4 only.

It's likely that most popular iPhone 3GS games will get iPhone 4 support through updates, and iPhone 4 only games should conceivably (and eventually!) get iPhone 3GS support.


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