This Girl, Immortalized In Xenoblade CG

Mayu Watanabe is a member of uber popular Japanese idol troupe AKB48. The 16-year-old is also in a commercial for upcoming Wii game Xenoblade. It's here, but something is different.


And yeah. A double yeah.

Another... yeah.

Perhaps the actual ad isn't so Uncanny Valley!

Published by Nintendo, Xenoblade is the latest entry in the Xeno series of role-playing games.

任天堂、Wii「ゼノブレイド」新テレビCM公開 [Game Watch]


    I lol'd at some of the US comments saying it looks "nothing like her". You can see the real picture of her in a blonde wig on her blog...

    This is amusing for fans because it also plays off her fan-given nickname "CG", as in she's a cyborg, the way she looks when she performs, almost artificial. I found when she looks at you, it's like she's piercing through your soul with her black eyes. It's... odd. And adorable.

      I do agree she has pretty good cyborg eyes, but I still think she looks completely different in the ad than she does even in blondwig pic on her blog.

    Bigger boobs. Also uglier in the cg.

    Looks like a really really really metrosexual boy at the top pic btw.

    i wonder how the wii is going to cope with that.

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