This Is Basically Rez For The PlayStation Move

Sega Rally creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi is probably most loved for his 2001 synaesthetic shooter, Rez. This is Children of Eden. Same guy, same game, just for the PlayStation Move.

I'm not reaching with that statement. Gameplay looks identical and even sounds identical (listen closely for Rez's targeting noises), only there's now a calming "planet earth" theme instead of frantic computer glitches.

When people who want more from their motion controls than party games complain, I imagine this is what they're ultimately pining for. Now if only any of us had TVs big enough for this trailer to look "real".


    By your title I was wondering why a PS Move game would be played like a Kinect game.
    Then I saw the Xbox logo at the end.

    I hope this also works with the standard controller. I think it is for Move and Kinect?

    I have a 3m wide projection screen, so I guess you could play it like in the video. It would be fun, but really it would only be fun like the video if it was a touchscreen rather than standing back from your screen.

    I don't know, all this stuff has a quick cool factor, but then would be effin tiring to play standing up for any length of time. I'd prefer to be lounging back with a chill-out game like this. I think motion control works for party-sports games really well, because anyone can play and it gets us up off our fat haunches to have some quick fun. It makes it more social and fun to watch. The eyepet thing was pretty cool too, I think Sony's wand and being able to turn it into showers, swords, bats on screen has some potential. But outside of the fast-fun arena I think this stuff has limited potential, and I think Natal is going to be the least fun, despite being the highest tech. The lack of a physical 'wand' or wiimote, no tactile feedback, no rumble or speaker, no buttons I think cancels out the coolness of full body mapping.

    Sorry Pete, I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one. If they release a high def Rez that I can dance to while I play I'm there.

    Just speculating here, but the name of the AI in Rez was actually called Eden, so this being called "Child of Eden", I'm gonna say this is actually the sequel to Rez (who's development name was also Project Eden).

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