This Is The Smaller, Sleeker, All-New Xbox 360

The new 250GB, Wi-fi included Xbox 360, seen sitting idly by the new Kinect for Xbox 360, as seen outside Microsoft's E3 2010 briefing. It's already on the way to stores.


    Ok, so. . . wheres the memory card slots, the little button to connect wireless controllers, the USB slots?

      They don't make the memory cards anymore, they got phased out. I guess if you own one and plan on getting this revision, you'll just have to bin it.

    Fingers crossed all the USB ports, wireless connect button etc are not at the back of the console. Also is the 250GB HD built in or use the existing removable HD's? If you want to purchase this - how do you transfer existing content from your old 360?

    I really like this design over the previous model. Nice one Microsoft.

    I actually really like this. Going to buy day one released in AUS.

    Damn. And I just had to buy a 120 gig hard drive recently....

    On the bright side, I rarely use XBL in the first place since I'm mostly a single player gamer.

    Still this device looks amazing. The 360 should've looked like this when it was first released. So edgy and cyberpunk.. like the first Xbox felt.

    Is that still a disc tray I see rather than slot loading? Discs still in risk then....

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