This Is Why You Didn't Get To Play With The 3DS At E3

Remember that video of the huge stampede of people we posted earlier today? The one showing all of those folks running to get to Nintendo's booth to check out Nintendo's 3D portable? They never stood a chance!


Because the line already wrapped entirely around Nintendo's booth before the floor was open. And it was a line made up almost entirely of other developers. Developers from Microsoft, Sony, THQ, Activision, EA. You name it, they were there.


    Why? Surely they would have (or would be getting) development kits to play with.

      I doubt Microsoft and Sony are going to be getting Dev kits anytime soon.

        I mean other than Microsoft and Sony.

        Besides, you never know. Back in the day we used to say that you'd never ever ever see Sonic and Mario in a game together, and look what happened.

          Sega dont have a hardware presence anymore. Too many SegaWorlds built, not enough Dreamcasts sold.

            I know they don't. I was talking about back in the day. You know, when the SNES and Mega Drive were new.

    I wonder if Alan Rickman was there too.

      I don't get it... (assuming you mean the actor)

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