This Lady Looks Familiar

On Friday, a new Swedish film opens in, wait for it, Sweden. The picture is a parody of cop shows and is called Kommisarie Späck (Detective Blubber). The lead female character doesn't look like she's from police dramas.

She looks like she's from video games. That's Joanna Dark hair! You know, the fiery-haired heroine of the Perfect Dark first person shooters.

In the movie, the character's name is "Irene Snusk", which apparently means "Complete Filth". She totally recommends S&M.

Kommisarie Späck looks rather amusing. Check out the movie's trailer.

Thanks Cowmine for the tip!

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    Thats not joanna! joanna is British! not American and she's no ranga!

    Damn you rare! daaaaaaamn you!

    so clearly the Swedes are stranger than we'd originally allowed for?

    This is the same country which introduced the world to pornography and casual sex in the aftermath of WW2.

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