This Might Be My Favourite Video Game Song Ever

There's a lot to choose from, I know, but this - called simply "The Video Game Song" - is probably my all-time favourite... video game song.

I actually picked up the album this is from, Sole's Learning to Walk, in a second-hand store around 6-7 years ago. First time I listened to it, I blew straight past it, not paying any attention to the lyrics.

Second time though, oh boy. I don't like it for its sparse production, or monotonous delivery (aided by Sole's former Anticon labelmate Alias), but I'll be damned if that's not the most constructive use of a lifetime's worth of video gaming I've heard in a rap song. It's exhaustive.


    hehe that's a pretty cool song! may fav video game related song i think is DJ Format - 3 Feet Deep. Not cos it's a game related song, but the film clip is the most kick ass video game related clip in history! ;)

    Unfortunately I was unable to listen to the whole song.
    For a game song, I have always fancied Swine from Glukoza in GTAIV. It is a groovy song and was so fitting the first time I heard it.

    faviourte video game song would have to be The Good Doctor from the Protomen's awesome Megaman rock opera

      Massive props for Protomen mention. Unbelievably epic!

    Mine fav would be:

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