This Red Dead Redemption Art Will Knock Your Hat Off

As drawn by Patrick Brown.


    Pretty damn of the coolness.

    This guy has some incredible game art in his gallery! Well worth checking out.
    And hes Australian too! Great to see a fellow Aussie getting exposure =D

    Guy is amazing and the bear looks gnarly. Needs moar cougar & approximately 5 billion wolves chasing John though. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY WOLVES?! Can't turn around without a pack on your [horse's] tail.

    I think the boars freak me out the most though. If Patrick ever makes a picture of John in the middle of a circle of rabid boars, armed only with a knife between his teeth, I will have guaranteed nightmare fuel. *shudders*

    uhh, tl;dr: Patrick's style is amazing! *thumbs up*

    Someone at [your favourite developer] give this guy a job!

    He us an awesome artist, but his style played over RDR... doesn't work. Too cartoony. The game's style doesn't lend itself to the style, but once again, it is amazingly well done art.

    Just doesn't fit the topic. Not enough grit.

    please will u tell me how to tip your hat in red dead redemption please don't think this is a boring comment thank you.

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