This Xbox 360 Looks Ready For The Battlefield

GAEMS, which stands for Gaming and Entertainment Mobile Systems, may have one of the stupidest company names in the business, but they also have one of the more original products with this Xbox 360 "suitcase".

It's a portable Xbox 360, 15-inch LCD screen (running at 720p) and a multiple speaker setup, all bundled neatly inside a sturdy plastic case that may not be armoured, but at least looks sturdier than a cardboad box or soft carry case.

The case (and everything inside except the console) is expected to sell for $US250, and while there's currently only a version for the old Xbox 360, GAEMS reckon newer versions are on the way for the Xbox 360 S and PS3 Slim.

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    I can definitely see Lucas Barton cranking one of these out in a truckstop to the delight of a prepubescent Fred Savage...'s so bad.

    Didn't someone report about an intrinsic error with this case. No room for the power brick?

    A few problems though, no place to put the power brick or cord, no place to place your controller/s, no place to place your games.

    And what type of connection does it use? HDMI or standard?

      Not to mention scratching disks when you move it

    There doesn't seem to be much room for the power brick and controllers. Loving the stock image of Halo 3 with Spartan Laser.

    Looks like a Ben Heck job with 1% of the effort.

    UGH, that's terrible... also, is it just me, or in the top screenshot, does it look like the soldier is firing foam from his gun?

    Just what we need, a way to make it EASIER for people to move their 360s while there's a disc spinning in the drive...

    Ohhhh...... no way...... I don't trust the Xbox 360 or Ps3 enough to go mobile.

    I saw this at E3 and this thing is waaaaay cool! First, this is a prototype and they are making multiple improvements to proto 2 based on feedback. It is not battery powered so scratching disk is not an issue. 110 plug and play and it shuts off when the lid is closed. Think personal gaming environment not necessarily travel. Also it will be multi-platform for all consoles. Comes with an accessory bag but controllers will be in the case. Sign me up... Can you say lanarchy!!!

    Forgot to mention, high def with HDMI. Can't ask for much more than that.

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