THQ Looking For Strong, Asian Women

E3's famous "booth babes" don't just appear out of thin air. They're hired somewhere. Usually in ads like this, for publisher THQ, which has some stringent demands for the upcoming trade show next month in Los Angeles.

On June 15, THQ will be hosting a party, and ladies, if you've ever wanted to tart yourself up in the name of shilling consumer entertainment, now's your chance!

You will, of course, need to meet certain criteria.

-10 obviously strong/muscular attractive women of any race. Must be at least 5'7 without heels. (This is for a WWE game. You'll probably meet some wrestlers!)

-10 attractive Asian females, at least 5'7. (For a North Korean, war based game.)

Sorry, strong-willed ladies. You must be obviously strong. Not potentially strong. Or surprisingly strong. Obviously strong.

That emphasis on strength isn't just a superficial thing, either. It'll be needed, for the arduous task ahead of those lucky ladies chosen for the event:

All you have to do is party around certain tables and look good! There will also be an open bar, making this is a 21+ event.

THQ, if you want to save a buck, I may not meet your stringent criteria, but I normally do those things for free.

Female Models [Craigslist, via GameArena][image credit]


    north Korean war based game....god i hope its a remake of the original mercenaries, even though its the wrong publisher and the developer is gone!

    Hey David, i've noticed you can add hyperlinks and italic/bold text. can regular commenters also do this?



      Once again i answer my own stupid question

      i wonder if this will work

      Oh no, what have you done?!?!

        It should be a lot easier to start a flamewar convey sarcasm now

          Oh, really?

            Woah!! You can edit other people’s comments? Well that’s it, now I’m convinced everyone on here but me is actually a robot. No way real people could love the cookie monster that much.

              does not compute


                  that was almost Awesome

    " I normally do those things for free. "

    Except the looking good part! :P

    I laughed at the Asian requirements. Doesnt matter that its for a korean game, it still funny.

    Good to see THQ is helping push the industry towards its mature, female-friendly destiny.

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