Three Spider-Man Villains' Shattered Dimension Makeovers

Take a look at how classic Spider-Man villains Hammerhead, Kraven the Hunter and the Goblin fare in the transition to the continuity-crossing Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.

The shattering of the Tablet of Order and Chaos did a number on the Green Goblin, but left Hammerhead and Kraven mostly intact, which makes sense, I suppose. Kraven hunts in the original Marvel universe, after all, and Hammerhead looks so much like a Dick Tracy villain that a trip to the noir 1940s is like a homecoming for him.

Poor Normal Osborn, on the other hand, has been transformed into some sort of rampaging beast. It's certainly not your traditional goblin, but I suppose this isn't your traditional Spider-Man game either.

At least they aren't doing anything silly, like having Kraven shoot himself in the head.


    Why don't they make GOOD spiderman games anymore, huh? Answer me that. Please.

    Normal Osborn? You mean, Norman?

      yeah i figured it may have been a pun though.

    I am disappoint! The villains don't change when you change dimension, like Spidey does. I wanted to see Hammerhead in the super cartoony world...

    meh - the more i see of this game the more my hope dwindles...

    i mean ffs... that have spiderman making a giant hammer out of web... :| wtf is that!?

      I don't think it's a giant 'hammer' as you put it, although it might look a bit like one if you glance at it quickly.

      Seeing as he's fighting KRAVEN in what appears to be a jungle environment, I'd say it's a lot more plausible that he webbed some rocks together and is attempting to use them as a weapon, more of a flail then a hammer, and probably only good for one hit if you miss you have to try again.

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