Tiny Wii Controllers For Your Freakishly Small Hands

Are Nintendo's Wii remote and nunchuk controllers too big for your hands? Power A has your freakishly misshapen appendages covered with the charmingly named MiniRemote and MiniChuck.

E3 isn't just about the games. It's also a place for companies like Power A to march out odd little accessories like this MiniRemote and MiniChuck combo. Retailing for $US49.99 and due out in September, these colourful controllers are 35 per cent smaller than the standard Wii controls, fully compatible with MotionPlus and feature large buttons that are easy to find with your tiny finger nubs.

"Players will immediately enjoy the sleek feel and handling of the MiniRemote and MiniChuk," said Eric Bensussen, president of POWER A and BDA. "While the smaller devices work well for children with smaller hands, they really provide a more comfortable grip for kids and adults, extending game time, control and enjoyment."

With my ridiculously large hands, the Wii remote and nunchuk already look silly in my grip. Hopefully I'll come across Power A during the show and we'll get to see how the mini controllers look in my giant paws.


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