Tony Hawk: Ride Controller Has A Use After All (As A Skateboard)

Tony Hawk: Ride may have been useless as video game, but that sturdy plastic controller may have a second calling as a real skateboard. All you need is your own wheels.

A few drills and grip tape and these kids are off, the former game peripheral given a new lease on life as a skateboard deck. And it holds up pretty well! Not well enough for everyday use, of course, but well enough to get these guys by with until John Q Law shows up (and for which they have a waterproof set of excuses).

All that and that chiptune version of Raining Blood is great.

[thanks Eoin!]


    That's even better than the game itself. Just toss the game out and you have a $120 skateboard. :D

    I think Ride is the perfect example of a game that started off as a good concept, and then just turned into another game that was rushed out the door. I’m looking forward to the miracle that the next developers will have to come up with to pump some interest back into the Tony Hawk series. But if it doesn’t come in the form of the game being bundle with another better game that I actually want to play then I’ll be disappointed. I guess we can say that Tony Hawk can’t really Ride money train all the way home.

      Wait, I’ve come up with a better one. I guess the players couldn’t sit back and enjoy the Ride.

    It's Angel of Death, not Raining Blood. But yes it is great.

    Youth in revolt. No more couch sessions. Higher fat burning ratio that the gaming chair. Bit sad that Tony's design team did not contemplate skaters need for realism and make the deck just a little bigger. Cut off my legs and call me shorty: skate and create is most definitely the order of the day.

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