Transformers' Credits Light Your Day's Darkest Hour

So, the new Transformers game is pretty good. Especially its dedication fans of the original series. But we didn't think it would be this dedicated.

This is the game's closing credits. Yes, it's cel-shaded, and yes, that's Stan Bush singing, the same man responsible for the 1986 Transformers animated film's trademark tune.

About the only thing that would have made it better would have been to get that gravel-voiced guy to go "NEXT WEEK ON... TRRRRRRANSFORMMERSSSSSSSSS", but that would have been so perfect I'd have got my head checked, make sure I hadn't gone crazy.


    Well its not a totally horrible version. Good credits though. Really quite neat.

    At least they didnt use that new version of 'the touch', god that was awful!

    Would of been even better if they had included that "You've got the touch" song as well.

      i know right i was just thinking the same thing it was the best song ever(spoiler alert) specially when hot rod(yeah none of this "hot shot" or "bumble bee" crap)transformed into hot rod prime at the ends of the classic 1985 anime movie.

        I hope you are joking, since Bumblebee was around since 1984 as the kid-friendly character, 2 years before Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime's debut in 1986.

        Also, since Transformers is an American-created and owned entity, that movie wasn't an anime.

    Just beat the game this very minute, and this outro made my day.

    Oh man, full credit to these guys, I've never seen a dev so committed to getting a title right for the rabid fans. It is usually a thankless job, the more you do, the more the fans want and the more they complain, but hats off guys, well done - right to the very end.

      Indeed. Only a couple of weeks ago, I went and bought the G1 Box Set (and the Movie, of course), and started watching through those - it's been too long!

      But this game was constructed really well. Some minor gripes about some minor aspects of gameplay, but I loved the story, and they didn't cock up the transformations.

      You got the Touch!

    And it's only $59 at JB as well...


    Almost makes me wish I had a 360.

    Of course, if it were to be perfect, they'd have to include a bunch of hilarious animation errors, bad cel-layering and miscolouring.

      Hell, they should've made "Carnage in C-Minor" a playable side-mission in the game.

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