Transformers Have The Touch, Maybe Even The Power (Yeah!)

The upcoming Transformers: War for Cybertron isn't just a promising-looking action game. It's also a love letter of sorts to old-school Transformers fans, let down by Michael Bay's recent "interpretation" of the franchise.

There have been few better examples of this than the advertisement above, which not only has Soundwave transforming into a boombox - like he should - but even has a whiny Starscream, a bumblingly tyrannical Shockwave and, yes, even some Stan Bush.

Shame the GameStop voice-over guy ruins it at the end, like he always does.


    haha that has to be the best ad i have seen in the longest time.. please don't force me to pre order from eb!

      Shocking isn't it? a REASON to buy from EB games for once. Who doesn't want soundwave? He was always my favorite. The best trailer i've seen to this game yet... and looks bloody awesome. This will be a deffinate buy.

        you get shockwave (Big purple dude) not soundwave. Soundwave is playable for everyone.

    So that means I'm STILL waiting for a Transformers game that stays faithful to the original G1 Transformers. (sigh)

    What I mean by that is they actually look like the G1 robots, and turn into the proper vehicles. Obviously the voice acting will be different, but I can live with that. Even if it is as god-awful as in this video.

    Australians who Pre-order from EB get Shockwave and Jazz!

    JB gives you a comic.

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