Transformers: War For Cybertron Demo Coming Tomorrow

Revealed exclusively during our Kotaku Talk Radio podcast, Xbox 360 owners can slip into the boots of the big bots tomorrow in the online multiplayer demo for Transformers: War for Cybertron. According to our podcast guest, developer developer Matt Tieger, the 360 will be the only platform scoring a demo for the game.


    lol so many angry US comments..

    Does this demo apply to aus too? i would love to sink my teeth into it!

    i am dissapointed.

    M$ is a negative force on gaming, xbl might have a larger playerbase than psn does but having to pay (xbl subscription) to play a demo is really sad.

    ps3 demo asap please

    So happy. So, so happy. (Assuming AU gets it as well.)

    But yeah, a bit sucky for our PS3 and PC brethren. One of the US commenters mentioned that XBL was somehow better for MP demos, anyone know why this would be the case? (Assuming it's not MS throwing wads of cash around)

    I think it is because they got a bigger community:) I went for box -> PS3 and well they both got their pro and cons.. For one exclusives games.. like the multiplayerparts better for box, but the alternative games for PS3..

    I don't think MS threw money to get the demo, I just think it is easier made for the box :)

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