Transportation Strike Delays Battlefield Bad Company 2 Patch

A transportation strike in Romania, of all things, is being blamed for a delay in the next Battlefield: Bad Company 2 patch on the PC.

In a thread on the EA UK forums, DICE producer Barrie Tingle confirmed the patch has been sent to EA Europe's QA department in Romania, but it isn't being worked on because the testers can't get into the office. "Transportation companies are apparently on strike, so they can't get to work," Tingle said.

Gamers expressed their characteristic sympathy for both Electronic Arts and the working man:

"Then why the hell are they striking," wrote one. "They'r [sic]salaries are not getting reduced by our awesome president. Lazy noob team."

Tingle replied: "They aren't. It is the transport systems striking not QA. QA aren't in cos they can't get into work."

Another gamer: "No QA in the west that can give it a whirl? Looks like the strike was planed ahead of time based on the article. Why not prepare for this by having another QA studio ready just in case?"

Tingle: "Hire a new QA studio for 2 days?"

People, it's a patch.

Romanian Strike Preventing QA on Bad Company 2 Patch [Planet Battlefield via Blue's News]


    Um, Whats in this Patch? Just general updates or some new maps and stuff? Anyone have an idea? Was playing it last night, wicked game. Especially on PC, just need our 64 player servers back. Any news on 1943 remake at all?

      Have you heard of Google?

        And that is not the patch notes for the Pc version he was looking for. If you read closely that is the patch notes for the console versions and they say "they don't know what the PC patch will contain when the new maps are released"

          Thanks man, I saw that too. No mention at all about 1943 for PC either, and that is wy I come and ask here too, for inside industry views, not mass market press releases. So, anybody heard anything regarding the 1943 XBLA game coming to PC anytime in the next millenium? Its on 360 right now, been on there since late last year, so I cannot see the point in making the PC community wait any longer. Thanks for the replies too.

    Not all gamers have common sense, nor business sense. I mean, they're often home behind a console/pc :p

    If you've ever even played a BC2 game, you'll find that most of the time most of the players can't figure out Mouse 1 to shoot and E for Use.

    (That's aimed at all the snipers that sit back, shoot nothing and don't ever defuse the bomb!!)

    lol @ some of those comments from gamers.

    Can't wait for the patch, but plenty of other games to play in the mean time so there isn't really anything to complain about.

    Most gamers seem to be greedy, selfish twats. At least online. Never giving devs a break... no idea how anything works but all the vocalization of a fucking industry veteran bitter with their position.

    It's obviously a lie: when have any of EA's patches had any quality??

    I need this patch because my system hard locks, The fix is in the patch. Why they don't release a tiny one for this important fix is beyond me. I have not played properly since the last patch. (the last patch is what makes my system hardlock. Befor that it was fine.)

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