Trent Reznor Says He Doesn't Have Time For Doom 4

Musician Trent Reznor has had a long relationship with game developer id. He scored Quake and did music for Doom 3 that did not make it into the game. No wonder there have been rumours about Reznor and Doom 4.

When asked about that rumour, Reznor replied, "I haven't been contacted by them and find it unlikely that I would have time at this point."

Reznor is currently busy with his new outfit How to Destroy Angels, which released its first EP this June. Don't rule out future Trent Reznor game involvement! Once upon a time, he even pitched a game concept that ultimately didn't get greenlit.

How To Destroy Angels [tumblr via 1Up][Pic]


    Quake did have some of the best sounds/music ever, and it all came down to the Rezonator's work, oh well... but I remember also downloading a mod for Doom 3 which was supposedly Reznor's unreleased sound effects and music, and it was pretty crap :/

    I think it's a good thing he's into his music at the moment. How To Destroy Angels is awesome, and there are just not enough artists left like him... y'know who are interested in things other than money. It's a shame that he hasn't had much to do with games, but like that post a while back about Tarantino's view on games, you kind of can't expect someone who's been consistently spectacular in one medium to suddenly switch to another.

    Sad they couldn't make his involvment in quake a tradition. pretty weak really that his next chance was Doom 3 and then he get scratched!

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