Turn Off The Lights And Super Sonic Glows

Why spend $US140 on a regular 15-inch-tall Super Sonic the Hedgehog statue when you can spend $US160 on one that glows? First4Figures extends their Sonic licence with the powered-up version of Sega's mascot.

Back in 2008, First4Figures put their first Sonic the Hedgehog statue up for sale for $US99. It was lovely and all, but it lacked any sense of action or majesty. It was just Sonic touching his nose, for $US99. Perhaps Super Sonic can make up for that.

Releasing in early 2011, Super Sonic is a much more dynamic figure. His fists are clenched tightly. His expression is intense. Sparks fly up from the Chemical Plant Zone inspired base. I like it.

The regular version of the figure is limited to 1500 pieces and retails for $US139.95, but who needs the regular version?

No, if you're going to fork out that much cash for a hedgehog statue, slip in an extra $US20 to score the Super Sonic Exclusive statue with light-up base. It's limited to 150 pieces and probably eats through batteries as if they were golden rings, but you'll thank yourself the first time the power goes out and you find yourself basking in Sonic's warm glow.


    But I don't have a spare $160 :(

    But I NEED this lamp!!

    grumble grumble....

    Help Play-Asia, your my only hope.

    That title reminds me of the classic ice ice baby. :D

    I'm such a Nerd/Sega Fanboy but I really really want that.

    I want that, but I have much better things to spend $160 on. Maybe if it were $40.

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