Two Gamers Who Spend Two Full Days A Week Playing Games

Remember that NPD study that defined extreme gamers as people who average 48.5 hours of play time a week? G4's Patrick Klepek got two of these gamers to explain themselves.

One of them is 22-year-old Chelsie Chatelain, who explains how she manages to play games so much:

"I just have A LOT of free time," she said. "Going to college, unemployed. And rather [than]go and spend a bunch of money I would rather just buy a game and chill at my house. Been playing games since i was like 2, so pretty much addicted, lol. Started with a NES, havent stopped since."

This sound like you? Or someone you used to be?

Read the full piece for more about these two gamers, or explain your own 48-hour habit right here.

Two "Extreme Gamers" Who Happily Admit Playing 48.5 Hours Per Week [G4's The Feed]


    I clock up gaming time because I would rather game then watch the crap that is on TV. My wife spends a lot of her time working at night so that leaves me with a few hours after dinner to sit on the couch with a beer and play something.

    On the weekends, I use gaming as a bit of a reward after doing chores. I do get a bit more gaming time on the weekends if the weather turns bad as I get out on the Mountain Bike a fair bit.

    I do see where Chelsie is coming from in regards to the saving money thing. Some of my friends get in to building cars which are just a money pit. Same goes for my mates who party on the weekends, I would rather have a few boys over and play a bit of NHL with beers, then go out and spend $5-10 on a drink in the city.

    So all in all, I think I game about 20 hours on a good week, depending if we have any dinners with friends and that sort of thing.

      Man I remember have 12 hour epic NHL sessions and with mates. Drinking beer and watching the sun come up is gold.

        Hockey is the best, live or in games.

        I watch a lot of hockey live, Canberra has a team in the Australian Ice Hockey League (AIHL), and they play teams in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Central Coast and Brisbane. If you are in to hockey, you should check out some games if you can.

    I'm a bit like EzyLee, I play a lot because there is absolutely nothing I would want to watch on TV. Currently, our set top box is unplugged, has been for a month or so (although that'll change next week). As a result, my gaming hours are high, but I think they'd be comparible to someone who comes home from work and watches a couple of hours of TV a night.

    An estimate? It'd range from between 10-20 a week, although I hit over 30 the first week of Red Dead.

    I had a 3 week holiday start the same time that Yakuza 3 was released a couple months back. I spent 40 hours - a whole work week - playing Yakuza 3 during the first week of my holiday. It was awesome.

    Normally these days I'd average 10-15 hours a week. It would be more, but I'm yet to convince the missus that in the long run, playing video games at home is much cheaper than going out every weekend.

    Also agree with Ezylee that video games are a better alternative to the garbage on TV.

    i go to college in Sydney for half a week, but i live 3 hours away in Newcastle. all my mates live in Sydney but i cant afford to stay in Sydney full time or to really go out and do anything, so i spend all my time out of college sitting inside studying or gaming. i rack up about 35 hours or so a week.

    I work 12 hour night shifts, doing 7 day fortnightly cycles including being stuck here (like now) at work every second weekend. My social life is hindered because during my waking hours everyone else is sleeping and on my night's off it's the same, so gaming is my only true friend. I guess 30 hours is spot on for me at the moment.. but it's nothing to be ashamed of, is it?

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