Two IPads And An IPhone Gets You This Racing Game

Pad Racer is a racing game for the iPad that lets you control your car with an iPhone. It's now a lot bigger.

You can now combine two iPads and make one large track. A neat trick, but it could really be made better as a "LEGO" style system, where 4-8 people can get together, slap their iPads down on a table and build a monster track out of it.

They'd probably need a better fix for what happens when your car hits the bezel, though, because it's always disconcerting when you lose sight of your car for that space of time.

[via Gizmodo]


    uh, seriously? This is stupid.
    Gaming should only take one device per person. Two? That's pushing it. THREE? That's ridiculous.
    And for a game as simple as this? It's pointless, and this is one of the reasons I tend to make separate categories for distinguishing different gamers. This would come under "extreme iProduct fetish" or something similar.

      @Thomas - it's not a big deal though. If someone WANTS to play that with their friend, that's fine, and there's nothing wrong with it. And it's certainly not pointless if someone gets a good laugh out of it with a mate.

      And just because it's creative, it doesn't make it stupid. It's just a fun take on the multiplayer mode we're all used to.

    How about apple fanboy. Seems like an expenisve way to play a cheap game unless you and your friends incidentally have iphones and ipads lying around.

    Well, an awful lot of people buy iphones and ipads, so it isn't that unlikely that some people will have friends and can try this. It is no more silly than the 3 or 5 console setups for Forza or GT.
    I'm excited that they can work this way, it opens up the possibility of a courier style tablet by using two ipads. I've been building apps for disabled people based on the ipad platform and having two of them linked could prove very useful. I'm glad people push the envelope on stuff, even in trivial ways, it opens up ideas and who knows where they will lead.

    I think it is kind of cool when the car goes under the bezel, it is like an underpass, i think it looks smoother than the car just jumping the distance instantly.

    I hate apple like the next person, but I actually think that was awesome. The average apple fanboy has an iphone and a ipad, combine them all together and think of all the gaming possibilities.
    I don't hate apple that much anymore... o god.

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