Two More Natal Games Revealed, At Least 12 More To Come

Ahead of next week's E3 in Los Angeles, two new titles for Microsoft's motion-control peripheral, Project Natal, have been revealed.

Those hoping for a wave-your-arms version of Halo or Fable are out of luck, though, as the two games are simple party titles (i.e. glorifed tech demos), similar to the kind we've seen for the system so far.

One is Living Statue, which according to a piece on the LA Times, "lets players record their avatars dancing and singing karaoke-style, then email the video masterpiece to their friends".

The second is Obstacle Course, in which "players pull, dodge and jump their way through a series of levels resembling what you would find at summer camp, sans the mosquitoes".

Of more interest to those hanging out for proper games is the final line of the report, which says "there will be about a dozen more Natal-licensed titles from other game developers unveiled Monday and Tuesday". A dozen games from companies that aren't Microsoft? Add those to the titles Microsoft itself will have ready and that's quite a launch lineup. Hopefully not all of them involve jumping around like a maniac.

Microsoft previews controller-free games for Xbox 360 [LA Times]


    If the Wii and the Move have Waggle-fest shovelware, does that mean Natal will have Flail-fest shovelware?

    Looks like Natals launch show will be something to watch.

      Not sure if anyone has seen this but the microsoft press extravaganza will be broadcast on Fox8 on Tuesday AUS time at 3.30 am and again at 3.30pm. I was pretty happy about this as I have IQ ad will be able to see it on a decent TV rather than a low quality stream on PC... good stuff.

      I am excited about the avatar dancing game. It is just like that simpsons episode where homer investin in mo cap technology. He wears the suit then goes to the bathroom for all audience to see.

      cant want to do really innapropriate stuff with my avatar and send it to my mates... FUN.

      Youtube is going to be bombarded with this crap.

        For what I expect will be $150 Australian for the device it better be able to do more than have my Avatar pretend to ride an invisible horse while slapping their Arse.

        Besides won't MS start selling Avatar actions soon?

    I thought fable 3 was gong to use natal?

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