Ubisoft Australia Opens Online Games Store

It's called UBIShop. You can buy and download Ubisoft PC games there.

UBIShop has apparently been around overseas for a while, but it's only now available to access in Australia. You can pick up a host of Ubi games, from new releases like Splinter Cell: Conviction to back catalogue titles like Rainbow Six Vegas and Assassin's Creed.

Prices are in line with current local retail, as you'd expect. So that's $89.95 for Conviction and Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, down to $19.95 for the older games.

Those new release prices don't seem particularly competitive with Steam where, for example, you can get The Forgotten Sands for $US49.99.

To tempt you, however, there's an introductory offer whereby you receive a free budget game with any full price purchase. That offer is valid until June 14.

UBIShop [site]


    I have to agree, steam seems better in every way.

    they should make their games cheaper than steam so sell more. Duh.

    There has to be some way to do a public service announcement to the lessy savy game buying public, right?

    1. Use import stores and get physical copies for far, far less than either digital or retail copies in Australia. That way competition may finally force a price drop.
    2. Don't buy the games anyway because the chance of an australian successfully using always-on DRM is probably less than 50%.

    So a digital download, with the same DRM as you get with a hard copy, without a manual, DVD or case? And at the same price as retail?!?

    I'll stick with Steam thankyou very much.

      I thought exactly the same thing.

      Although I don't have a steam account and would rather prefer a tangible copy of the game anyday.

    I went to the UbiStore and found I needed to be online the whole time I was browsing. I find this new always online DRM on internet pages unacceptable.

    So, no distribution or physical product costs and online purchase is usually done by your more tech savvy player. Who the hell are they kidding charging Aus retail price on this service?

    Having walked away from uplay DRM only earlier this week I'm here to tell you to stay well away from ubishop.

    Ubikiddin' me with this right Ubisoft? Ubidreamin' with those prices. With your drm, your too high prices... You don't be good value...

    These guys should hire me for $100k a year to give them a proper price point on their games.

    After the current Splinter Cell Conviction fiasco, which is still going, fat chance of me buying anything else from Ubi.

    Can't even play a game I paid $99.00 for...

    Don't forget their very generous Extended Download Service (EDS) where they promise to "automatically store on our server a back-up copy of the software that you purchased and downloaded for two (2) years from the date of purchase" for only $12 more.

    So what, if I don't buy the EDS they are suddenly not going to keep a copy of the game on their server.

    How gullible do they think people are?

    Two things. First, people think that digital distribution will bring prices down, but once there is a game people want and publishers have, supply and demand will kick in where the cost will be just as much as retail, also monopolies would also jack up the price.

    Second, companies love money, if they can't bleed your cash dry outright, then they will find another way, such as the extra content that used to be free, adds, extra modes that you have to unlock, ect.

    Those prices are daylight robbery imo.

    holy crap, $140 for the Anno 1404 bundle! Are they completely insane??

    Do you have Scrabble for computer PCs or Macs

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