Ubisoft Releasing A Shooter That Uses Real Humans, Laser Guns

Battle Tag barely qualifies as a video game - it seems to have more in common with old "multimedia" board games like Nightmare - but hey, Ubisoft is releasing it, so here you go.

It's essentially Laser Tag, with four guns and sensor packs used by players running around the real world shooting each other. The "video game" part comes in that your console is used to track scores and issue assignments, as the game also includes small sensors that can be placed outside as "objectives", and these will relay back to another sensor that can help your console stay on top of things.

So strange. It's due towards the end of the year, but no word on platforms or price.


    Do want!

      Hells yeah!!!!! Dude, this is wicked.

    Duuuuuuude... I was doing this in the nineties...

    Chuck in some augmented reality HUD and I would look at it (and still not get it) but would be cool.

    I'm not sensing a PC port - involving real people with "always online" DRM is tricky, how will you stop kids from running when the internet connection drops? Mild electric shocks.

    If the internet connection drops, the kid dies.

    Now THIS could potentially be a lot of fun.

    What this really needs is the ability to work with more than four guns, and to be able to left on standby. Players take their guns with them, meet in real life, BAM! Spontaneous shootout.

    I'm dreaming, of course, but it'd be awesome.

      Great mental image. Reminds me of xbox commercial

    A cheap home version of Lazer tag? I am IN sir!

    I foresee a gamer being shot by police who think he's packing heat quite soon after this is released.

      Well then clearly we need smarter police forces, but who am I kidding? the government? spend on something worth while, please, but on topic, This looks quite nifty"real world shooters" such as Nerf, airsoft, and laserTag have been a favorite of mine for some time, and it's good to see Ubisoft backing this kind of thing...

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