Unreal Engine Puts BP Oil Spill Into Perspective

Initial estimates had the amount of oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico at 25,000 barrels a day.This clip, made using the same engine that powers many of today's biggest video games, shows how much oil that really is.

[via Gizmodo]


    that's a lot of oil wastage! somebody make some chicken !

    Methinks he has too many barrels. Each level of the stack has 36 barrels, so beyond the fact that 25,000 isn't evenly divisible by 36, saying each barrel was roughly 1.5m high and ignoring the extra space, that tower would be about 1.04km (roughly 3450') tall. I think it's taller.

      Apparently there's only 20 barrels per level of the stack, because of the space in the middle occupied by the 'tower' or column (according to the creator on the You Tube page).

      Endu: Each layer only has 20 barrels, not 36 (it just has the outside of a 6x6 grid, not the inside). So it would be 1.875km tall using the rest of your measurements...

      Not that it really matters :-)

      Correction, there is a tower in the middle and the barrels surround the tower. So it's actually 20 barrels per layer.

    im curious are they built arround a tower because they have some wind physics that would have knocked it over or they just wanted it taller and the engine ran like crap with more than 25k barrels

    all i could think of when watching this was if that's real time rendering i want that pc

    i wish the camera would stop moving around, it was really annoying and frustraiting trying to watch the pile and the camera not sitting still for more than 2 seconds as the barrels were falling.

    Endu, the tower is not full - it's not 6x6, rather just the surface area is covered - thus it's 20 barrels per layer, not 36.
    Assuming a 1.5m high barrel we get 1.875km high, where low clouds END at 2km above the surface. It's not a stretch at all to say that it would be well and truly a stack up to the clouds.

    I'd assume the barrels would be built around the tower to make it look larger than it is, just for the added impact.

    They should have exploded at the end.

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