Up Close And Personal With The Most Important People In Gaming

Starting this month we'll be running a series of profiles about some of the most important people in gaming.

The semi-regular series kicked off the day before E3 officially started, last Monday, with our profile of Activision CEO, and all around hated-man, Bobby Kotick. You should check it out.

Later today you'll be reading our profile on current Electronic Arts' CEO, and former president and COO of EA, John Riccitello. Moving forward we hope to write many more, spacing them out weekly, or monthly, as we work to land meaningful one-on-one time with some pretty busy folks.

The idea behind these stories is to give you a better sense of who the people are who have the biggest impact on the games you play, the way you play them and how you pay for them.

These people may not make your favourite games, but they guide the companies to great heights and desperate lows through their decisions. The idea with these profiles is not to break news, or shake loose little stories from them, but to draw out of them a better sense of who they are, how they influence the company they run and the hobby you love and how, in turn, gaming and their company has influences them.

These are meant to be ever-green pieces, stories you can look back to like you would an encyclopaedia.

We hope you enjoy them.


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